3D & 4D Pregnancy Ultrasounds

Flint • Genesee County • Burton • Fenton • Flushing • Grand Blanc

Only our facility and Hurley Medical Center have a 4D ultrasound machine of such exceptional caliber in all of Genesee County.

Our 2014 GE Voluson is capable of performing 3D & 4D image and video, heart beat audio, and the latest in practical gynecological measurements. Our patients are guaranteed to have access to the highest quality medical equipment and the most skilled sonographers. Many physicians and novelty ultrasound stores refer patients to our clinic solely for the use of the our Ultrasound.

Don’t settle for a grainy black and white ultrasound of your baby, when you can see their precious face and every other tiny detail in 3D / 4D. If you are pregnant, schedule an appointment for a state-of-the-art 3D / 4D ultrasound – and get to know your beautiful baby in stunning 3D / 4D.