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Flint ObGyn offers a comprehensive approach to gynecology thanks to our highly specialized gynecologists and dedicated staff. We take pride in making our patients feel comfortable, informed and empowered when they visit our office. Our ObGyns utilize the latest advancements in female medicine, to ensure that every patient receives the most effective care possible, in the most caring environment.

Your Obgyn will see you through some of the most significant times in your life – from entering womanhood, through pregnancy, into menopause and beyond. We understand that your obstetrician or gynecologist is one of the most important health care partners you will have in navigating the journey of being a woman – and living a healthy and happy life.

We strive to offer the most highly qualified providers and most advanced technologies to help manage your health at every stage of life. From routine pelvic exams and annual screenings, to complex or robotic gynecologic surgery, we have the experience and the state-of-the-art technologies to diagnose and treat any women’s health issues.