Teen OBGYNs | Adolescents & Young Women

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A teen’s first experience with a gynecologist will set the tone for her approach to female health for the rest of her life. This is a responsibility that our caring nurses and experienced ObGyns take very seriously.

As a young woman begins to experience new, exciting and unfamiliar physical and emotional developments she will typically have many questions and concerns about her changing body. Having a trusted source that she can turn to for accurate health and medical information is very important.

Flint ObGyn offers a comprehensive approach to women’s health at every age, thanks to our highly specialized obstetricians and dedicated staff. We take pride in making our teen patients feel comfortable, informed and empowered to take control of their health when they visit our office. Our ObGyns utilize the latest advancements in female medicine, to ensure that every patient receives the most effective care possible.

From annual checkups, to STD and pregnancy prevention, as well as Meningitis & HPV vaccinations, we help teen patients live healthy, happy lives. If you are a teen (or the parent of a teenager), consider the caring gynecologists at Flint ObGyn for a getting off to good start in planning your course for a healthy future.