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The years following menopause can present new challenges, as decreased estrogen production, and other changes related to the natural effects of getting a bit older, take their toll. But with caring and consistent healthcare from our Genesee County OBGYNs, our patients are able to enjoy good health, an excellent quality of life, and an active and enjoyable sex life, at any age!

We offer the most advanced, non-invasive and natural technologies to remedy many of the frustrations of getting older, including urinary incontinence (bladder leaks) and vaginal pain, dryness, laxity, itching, loss of sensation, decreased libido and painful sex.

We also provide continued screenings appropriate for your stage in life, to ensure you maintain your health and vitality after menopause. We provide thorough, comfortable screening for: bone density (osteoporosis); breast, cervical & uterine cancer;  colon or thyroid problems; diabetes, heart disease and more.

From innovative hormone therapies, to the latest non-surgical laser vaginal rejuvenation technology, we have the latest treatments that will enable you to enjoy your life and live it fully – with comfort, grace and confidence.